Mission, Vision, & Values

Outreach and Community Involvement

Our Mission

The Marcus Center acts as an energizing force that connects our community to the world through collaboration, innovation, social engagement and the transformative power of live performing arts.

Our Vision

The Marcus Performing Arts Center is the region’s world-class gathering place for all.

Our Statement Of Guiding Values


We are champions for the arts
We are catalyst for connecting the community
We serve as an incubator for emerging live performing arts
We are open to considering new ideas and taking smart risks


We welcome everyone
We offer transformative opportunities
We provide diverse and inclusive programming and events
We break down barriers


We are curious and growth minded
We fiercely pursue fresh ideas
We keep an eye to the future and embrace change
We foster an environment where creativity and innovation is valued


We treat everyone like a star
We provide “WOW” service
We will be an employer of choice and venue of choice
We provide world class programming


We dream big
We imagine and create the world we want to see
We set industry standards for performing arts centers
We value the voice and cultivate the best in every team member