Staff & Governance

Executive Leadership

Kendra Ingram
President & Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Booms -
Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration

Katie Dillow -
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ken Harris -
Vice President of Venue Operations

Megan Huse - 
Vice President of Development

Lory Bowman -
Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Aixa Stelter - Executive Assistant

Katie Dillow - Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lori Muench - Director of Finance
Mary Murphy - Senior Accountant 

Human Resources
Magda Hoffman - Senior Human Resources Director 
Ashley Haynes - Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Information Technology
Praveen Krishnamurti - Director of IT
J. F. Jolly - IT Associate

LORY BOWMAN - Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Community Engagement and Inclusion
Anthony D. Smith – Director of Community Engagement & Inclusion
Leah Townsend – Community Education and Engagement Specialist 

Facility Sales
Nadia Olker - Director of Venue Rentals

Group Sales
John Barnes – Director of Group Sales
Thomas Carter – Group Sales Associate

Mallori Taylor – Creative Manager
Jennifer Han, Sr. Manager Development & Media Relations
Michaela Beal – Digital Marketing Associate
Beverly Beenen – Webmaster

John Hassig – Director of Programming
Mia Vilanova – Programming Associate

James Doyle – Director of Ticketing Services
Chris Ouchie – Ticketing Services Manager
J. F. Jolly - Event Ticketing Supervisor
Ana-Wolfe Walker – Event Ticketing Supervisor
Jason Rose – Event Ticketing Supervisor
Joanne Bartel - Box Office Clerk
Rachel Reimer - Box Office Clerk
Jamell Magee - Box Office
Clerk Melissa Wolfe - Box Office Clerk
Justin Roszak - Box Office Clerk
Sam Alioto - Box Office Clerk
Will Akers - Box Office Clerk
Jessica McCall - Box Office Clerk
Danielle Sallman - Box Office Clerk
Sara Truex - Box Office Clerk
Bobby Wolfe - Box Office Clerk


Jennifer Han - Sr. Manager Development & Media Relations
Chelsie Septer - Development Associate


Building Security
Benson Phoumsavath – Interim Director of Security
John Cecot – Security Guard
Kyle Duerstein – Security Guard
Theo Ford – Security Guard
Tim Goesch – Security Guard
Amanda Martyka – Security Guard
Dhara Patel – Security Guard
Melvin Reed – Security Guard
Dylan Stefanec – Security Guard
Scott Zimny – Security Guard

James Cherry – Director of Facility Engineering
Rick Larson – Lead Engineer
Jim Dauer – Assistant Lead Engineer
Dan Collins – Engineer I
Dao Vang – Engineer II
Andy Pfeifer – Engineer III
Jim Ross – Engineer III
David Sopinski – Electrician
Mike Webber – Engineer III

Event Services
Mark Barnes – Director of Event Services
Michael Warren - Event Services Administrative Associate
Hilary Henrickson - Volunteer Manager

Madeline Santiago – Parking Manager
Laurie Selchert – Supervisor

George Batayias – Director of Technical Services
Tony Puglielli – Assistant Technical Director
Matt Eyrise – Stagehand
Willie McClaren – Stagehand
Nick Symes – Stagehand

Executive Officers:

Raymond L. Wilson, Board Chair
Lori Craig, Vice Chair & Chair Elect
Gladys Manzanet, Secretary
Jay Hughes, Treasurer
Laura Gough, Immediate Past Chair

Board of Directors:

Jacqueline Herd-Barber
Grady L. Crosby
Kathy-Ann Edwards
Dr. Mushir Hassan
Raven Jemison
Jacobo Lovo
David Marcus
Michelle Mattson
Janan Najeeb
Laurie Navarro
Jim Popp
Damani Short
Lynn Sprangers
Portia Young