Kidz Days in the City

Marcus Performing Arts Center Kidz Days in the City provides exposure to quality arts programming at various community-based organizations throughout the city of Milwaukee to provide children who have no or limited access to performing arts as a positive and fun experience. 

Feed the Kids is a 10-week summer meals program for children living in Milwaukee’s underserved neighborhoods. About 1,500 meals are distributed Monday-Friday, June-August, to 21 different neighborhoods, parks, and street corners on Milwaukee’s north and south side 

The Salvation Army of Milwaukee County and the Marcus Performing Arts Center have joined forces and will travel throughout the North and South side neighborhoods of Milwaukee to provide exposure to live performing arts while families enjoy an afternoon lunch for an immersive and fun-filled family experience. 

2022 Summer Schedule: 

6/28 @10am - New King of Kings Baptist Church, 3438 N. 24th Street 

6/28 @Noon - Butterfly Park, 2339 N. 37th Street 

6/30 @10am – Maskani Place, 320 E. Center Street 

6/30 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground, 13th and Lapham Blvd. 

7/5 @10am - Wilson Garden Apartments, 4635 S. 20th Street 

7/5 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground 

7/7 @10am - Salvation Army Citadel, 4129 W. Villard Ave 

7/12 @10am - New King of Kings Baptist Church 

7/12 @Noon - Butterfly Park 

7/14 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground 

7/19 @10am - Wilson Garden Apartments 

7/19 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground 

7/21 @10am - Salvation Army Citadel 

7/26 @10am - New King of Kings Baptist Church 

7/26 @Noon - Butterfly Park 

7/28 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground 

8/2 @10am - Wilson Garden Apartments 

8/2 @Noon - Park Lapham Neighborhood Playground 

8/4 @10am - Salvation Army Citadel 

8/9 @10am - Salvation Army Citadel