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Optimist Theatre at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee

Shakespeare in the Park enters its 10th season in 2019, building on nine seasons of critical, popular and creative success. The "To Be!" outreach program, touring primarily to schools and libraries, has reached more than 80,000 audience members.

Since its founding in 2010, Shakespeare in the Park has tapped into local professional talent and an endlessly adaptable source of material to entertain, educate, and promote the creativity that lives in all of us.

Shakespeare Here and Now, offers both artists and audience live engagement with the language, emotions and timeless stories of the most-produced playwright of all time.

What better catalyst to fire the imagination and stimulate people to interact with each other and the artistic world that is theater?

Optimist Theatre has been providing arts and education programming as a 501(c)3 corporation since 1993.



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