Bard & Bourbon Presents: Julius Caesar (Drunk)

Bard & Bourbon is pleased to continue their fifth season with a stunning production of Julius Caesar (Drunk) – yes, you read that correctly! Here is how it works:
1.    We find a fabulous cast – our casts are typically small (8-10 actors) and we focus on non-traditional blind casting
2.    Those actors spend weeks memorizing and rehearsing the play to perfection
3.    The audience (that’s you!) shows up to watch
4.    One pre-selected actor per night will consume a few (and then maybe a few more) shots of liquor*
5.    The play begins and everyone watches as the alcohol takes effect
Each night the performance will be slightly different – we never know what might happen - what we do know is these performances are once-in-a-lifetime and can never be recreated!
We want you to be there to experience the laughter, the tears, the love, the hate and, of course, the pure enjoyment of watching an actor forget their lines. Trust us, it will happen.
About the play:
Since Shakespeare wrote the play in 1599 I hope we don’t have to include this but *SPOILER ALERT*:
The play tells the famous story of the murder of Julius Caesar by the hands of his friends including his closest confidant Marcus Brutus. The tale continues in the aftermath of the murder and fallout surrounding a time of political uncertainly. Our production will be full of friendship, betrayal, bloodlust, revenge and redemption. We will have it all.
There will booze and there will be blood.


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Marcus Center Performing Arts Center
929 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Cast & Creative


Marcus Brutus
Bryant Mason
Caius Cassius
Keighley Sadler
Julius Caesar
Chris Braunschweig
Mark Antony
Susie Duecker
Amber Regan
Sean Duncan
Jackey Boelkow
Rebekah Farr


Zachary Thomas Woods
Stage Manager
Olivia Mauseth
Fight Director
Christopher Elst
Keighley Sadler
Featured Information

*Alcohol policy: each of our performers have strict contracts regarding alcohol consumption. No actors are required to drink and safe rides are arranged in advance. The actors and director are empowered to stop the action of the play at any time if they feel unsafe. Fight choreography is modified when the actors involved are drinking. The audience is welcome to enjoy a beverage along with the cast – there is a licensed bartender on site – no carry ins will be allowed and if a patron is deemed to be disruptive or unsafe they will be asked to leave and find a safe ride home.

Pay What You Can

The March 13th, 2019 performance of Bard and Bourbon Presents: Julius Caesar (Drunk) is a Pay What You Can Performance.

This show's performances are over.

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Show Dates

Start: Mar. 13, 2019

End: Mar. 17, 2019


Studio 4A
929 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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