De La Buena

De La Buena:
Employing jazz harmonic sensibility and a deep-seated love of diverse cultures, De La Buena explores the textures and rhythms of Latin music of the Americas with roots planted firmly in African Diasporic traditions.

Growing from a trio into a powerful 10-piece over the last six years, De La Buena has been electrifying audiences with their own brand of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz. De La Buena, ever conscious of the influence and necessary respect for tradition… yet, a band willing to inject sophisticated, psychedelic sensibilities into an aggressive, expansive framework.



There are two types of tickets you can purchase for the Rainbow Summer concerts:

    -     “Reserved Bowl Seats” in Peck Pavilion. These tickets are priced per person.
    -     “Reserved PODs” on the lawn. Each POD can accommodate up to 5 people. Only 1 ticket is needed for the entire POD.

The reserved lawn pods will each be 6 foot squares safely spaced 3 feet from each another with larger aisles between the rows. The spaces comfortably fit 4 adults in lawn chairs, 5 if seated on blankets on the ground.  Low lawn chairs are permitted, no tents or shade structures allowed.

How early can we get into our pods?
Grounds will open 1 hour in advance of showtime.

Click here to view the Rainbow Summer seating options.

Can we bring food and beverages?
Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in. Food and beverages will be available thru Sazama's on the Marcus Center grounds.

Click here to view Sazama's Rainbow Summer menu.


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Single Tickets:

Show Date

Sep. 02, 2021 7:00 PM


Peck Pavilion
929 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Concert Jazz/Blues/Soul
Date Night Family Fun Friends Girls Night
Family Friendly
Marcus Center